The benefits of the RE-VI®

Learn more about the benefits of our Real Estate-Value Integrator (RE-VI)® app

With the Real Estate-Value Integrator, you use existing data sources, administrative rules can be easily stored, and format and plausibility checks are carried out automatically. Take a look at all the benefits in detail.

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Simplify data import, use the chameleon principle

Connect all partners, check qualities automatically and use them directly in the target system

Specialisation in the value chain is progressing. Breaks and cuts in the processes with partners quickly destroy the possible synergies of specialisations. The result is time-consuming quality checks of the data supplied, double work and lengthy coordination processes. The digital answer lies in the automated quality check of the data before it is used in your company. We have developed the Real Estate-Value Integrator (RE-VI) app for this purpose. But who should adapt to whom? The property manager to your system? Or the other way around? None of these solutions will lead quickly to the desired result. With the use of the chameleon principle, the question no longer arises. The Real Estate-Value Integrator, RE-VI for short, adapts to the source and target system so that you can concentrate on the important issues.

At runtime, the quality of the transferred data is not only checked for compatibility, but also for various content-related parameters such as

  • contractual terms,
  • object validities,
  • completeness

and are immediately integrated and available for use in the RE-VC. In addition, an automatic comparison is made with the previous month's values. In the event of changes or discrepancies, the sender is informed immediately and has the opportunity to take directly corrective action. The sender can also be asked to comment on the results online. This way you save time, resources and you receive important information details from your service providers. Arrange a presentation appointment now.

TOP features of the RE-VI for the real estate industry

Learn more about the many benefits that the Real Estate-Value Integrator (RE-VI)® offers

The Real Estate-Value Integrator (RE-VI) works entirely without any local installation of software products or apps. The RE-VI is a Microsoft TEAMS integrated app.  Learn more about the benefits of our software for property manager and accountants.

Quality improvement

How the quality check can be automated and carried out at the time of data transfer? The Real Estate-Value Integrator (RE-VI) performs automated format and plausibility checks. Based on the agreements between owner and property manager on the agreed scope of delivery, rules are stored for each property manager.  Plausibility checks are carried out, among other things, by comparison with the previous months. A few minutes after the data has been sent, the property manager gets a success or discrepancy message. Optionally, deviations can be explained. Quality-checked data is then available to the owner for processing in his own management system.

  • Automated format and plausibility checks
  • Reliable data exchange

Why do without new contracts and current budget utilisation? The Real Estate-Value Integrator (RE-VI) can be used to tranfer the latest contract conclusions or changes on a daily basis.

  • Optional daily data exchange
International deployment

By using the Real Estate-Value Integrator (RE-VI) you do not force your currency or area formats on the sender. The automated checks are carried out in the known currencies and, in particular, the area measurement of the sender. During onboarding, the permissible definitions are stored for each property manager. Any conversions should only take place after a quality check has been carried out. If the RE-VC is in use, this is done automatically during import.

  • All current currencies
  • All current area measurements
Simple onboarding

One of the basic principles of the Real Estate-Value Integrator (RE-VI) is not to have to carry out any data manipulation or programming of interfaces/APIs when onboarding new partners. Therefore, existing, machine-generated reports are to be used as a basis. Specifics contained therein (e.g. usage type designations, sectors, identification numbers) can be easily adapted to the designations used in the recipient's system.

The main work of onboarding therefore lies in agreeing on the technical definitions to be used. The agreements reached can be easily stored in the MS TEAMS App RE-VI directly after an onboarding meeting with an existing or potential partner. The sender can thus test the procedure as well as the format even before the delivery of real data.

  • Low code interface
  • Mapping of plain names instead of codes
  • Use of existing reports
  • Test channel for property manager (optional)
Easy handling

The Real Estate-Value Integrator (RE-VI) works entirely without local installation of software products or installation of apps. The RE-VI is a Microsoft TEAMS integrated app. Communication takes place by e-mail via specifically set up channels for each administrator. Data entry for required explanations is carried out via the existing TEAMS installation or the TEAMS version in any browser, on request on any terminal device.

  • Mail dispatch to PM-Channel
  • Automatic reply mails for process control
  • SingleSignOn through MS TEAMS Integration
Comprehensive depth of data

The depth of the content can be individually agreed with each property manager with regard to the subject areas and the desired content. The corresponding agreements can be easily stored in the property manager's channel and are the basis for the automated checks of the Real Estate-Value Integrator (RE-VI).

  • Rent roll (optional)
  • Opex & Capex (optional)
  • Financial accounting (optional)
  • Future conditions (optional)
  • Outstanding claims (optional)
Actual & budget values

In addition to the ongoing delivery of the current data (actual data), another channel can be used to hand over the planned budgets. In this way, the property manager can hand over his plans regarding the real estate result for the coming months.

  • Ongoning actual reporting
  • Budget handover (optional)
RE-VC Integration

Nutzer/innen des Portfolio- und Assetmanagementystems Real Estate-Value Creator (RE-VC) können optional den Real Estate-Value Integrator (RE-VI) inklusive des automatisierten Imports in das RE-VC Qualitätssicherungsszenario nutzen. Optional werden die Kommentare der Hausverwalter im Kontext zu den entsprechenden Werten (z. B. Mieten, Flächen) angezeigt.

  • Optionally automated RE-VC import
  • Comment transfer RE-VC (optional)
Bot-driven controlling

The combined use of the Real Estate-Value Integrator (RE-VI) with the portfolio and asset management system Real Estate-Value Creator (RE-VC) offers the opportunity to use controlling bots for automated asset controlling. In this way, asset managers, for example, can be informed about budget or contract deviations.

  • Use of automated controlling bots (RE-VC use required)
Integration of service chain

The distribution list of quality-checked data can be expanded variably. For example, the data could be made available to the commissioned asset managers, external accountants, tax offices or service investment management companies.

  • Transfer to freely definable recipients (e.g. service investment management companies, external accountants, … optional)

The agreed contents and the respective inspection depths can be conveniently set for each property manager. Source and target formats can be set variably for each channel according to the recipient's specifications.

  • Verification adjustments Source & Targets
  • Easy configuration by mail

The partners involved can be defined variably in the Real Estate-Value Integrator (RE-VI). Channels can be set up for data deliveries from external property managers, asset managers or external accountants. From the owner's point of view, the connected partners can be adapted to the existing value chain.

  • Property Manager (optional)
  • Asset Manager (optional)
  • External Accountants (optional)

In the RE-VI Cockpit, the delivery status of all properties can always be evaluated according to various categories (e.g. properties, countries, asset types, property managers). This gives you an overview of all expected data deliveries at any time.

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