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Frequently asked questions and answers about the Real Estate-Value Integrator®

Below are answers to frequently asked questions

Where is the data stored?

IRM sets up the required resources for your company in Teams, Sharepoint and Azure on the IRM tenant. The data is stored in the Microsoft Cloud in data centers in Germany. The Real Estate-Value Integrator (RE-VI) is also available as an on premises version. In this case the data is stored in your local network.  

What costs arise?

The use of the RE-VI service is subject to a monthly rental fee per property manager. The rental price is staggered according to the number of property managers connected. In addition, there is a one-off set-up fee.

Does the RE-VI have to be installed?

The RE-VI is an app integrated into MS TEAMS. It uses the Azure infrastructure of the respective TEAMS environment and must be installed there once for all property managers. Installations on the part of the property managers are not required.

How are the rules stored per property manager?

The agreements can be sent to the respective channel by administrators. The transfer to the corresponding check algorithms is automated.

How secure ist the app and how are the data protection guidelines observed?

„To ensure you have full control, Microsoft is committed to complying with generally applicable data protection laws such as the GDPR and standards such as ISO/IEC 27018, the first international code of conduct for data protection in the cloud.“ (Vgl. https://www.microsoft.com/de-de/trust-center/privacy/gdpr-overview)

Can square foot & Asian area measurements also be processed?

A basic principle of RE-VI is to have the data checked in the property manager's local area measurements. This facilitates quality checks for the property manager and the owner. Conversions are usually made in the corresponding asset and portfolio management systems (e.g. RE-VC).

Are there any restrictions on the currencies available?

No, the RE-VI can handle all common currencies. Within the properties, the booking currencies, the currencies for operating costs and the currencies in which the rental contracts are kept may also differ.


All benefits at a glance

Learn more about the many benefits that the Real Estate-Value Integrator® offers you

The Real Estate-Value Integrator (RE-VI) works without any local installation software products or apps. RE-VI is an app integrated into Microsoft TEAMS.  Learn more aboout the benefits of our software for property managers and accountants.

Quality improvement

The Real Estate-Value Integrator (RE-VI) performs format and plausibility checks automatically.


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The transfer of the latest contract conclusions or changes can be done daily with the Real Estate Value Integrator (RE-VI).

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International deployment

By using the Real Estate-Value Integrator (RE-VI) you do not force your currency and area formats on the sender.

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Simple onboarding

No data manipulation or programming on interfaces /APIs when onboarding new partners.


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Easy handling

The Real Estate-Value Integrator (RE-VI) works entirely without local installation of software products or installation of apps.

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Comprehensive depth of data

The depth of the content can be individually coordinated with regard to the subject areas and the desired content.

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Actual & budget values

In addition to the ongoing delivery of current data (actual data), another channel can be used to hand over the planned budgets.

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RE-VC Integration

Users of the portfolio and asset management system Real Estate-Value Creator (RE-VC) can optionally use the RE-VI.

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Bot-driven controlling

The combined use of RE-VI with RE-VC provides the opportunity to use controlling bots for automated asset controlling.

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Integration of service chain

The distribution list of quality-checked data can be extended variably, e.g. for tax offices, service capital management companies or external accountants.

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The agreed content and the respective test depths can be conveniently set for each property manager.


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The partners involved can be defined variably. Channels can be set up for data deliveries from external property managers and others.

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In the RE-VI Cockpit, the delivery status for all properties can always be evaluated according to different categories.

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